There are many reason why some people wants to become ATP tennis player. To become ATP tennis player you have to have ATP points, to get your first ATP point is a lot harder than getting your second and third points, but of course with right plans and hard work you can get it. There are few steps needs to be taken to get your firs ATP points. 
STEP 1: Register for ipin at
STEP 2: After you register for ipin you can start registering your self to the Futures, Futures is entry level for ATP tour.
STEP 3: You can enter all the Futures tournaments but since you don't have any points you might not get in to all the tournaments you registered, therefore register to the tournaments that you think it will be easier to get in.
STEP 4: Going to the tournaments, It will take more than one tournament to get your first ATP points therefore try to play as many as you can.

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