ITF juniors Tournaments is an international tennis tournaments for junior tennis players who are under age of 18. There are many groups in ITF juniors, as for beginners it is recommended to start from group 5 tournaments because in group 5 tournaments the points are lower than higher groups, and because group 5 gives lower points, most of the high ranked tennis players play higher group tournaments. All the player have to register to ipin to be able to play itf tennis tournaments. After the registration to ipin players can start entering to the tournaments, it is recommended to enter to the lower group tournaments to pick up some points. For the players who are just beginning to play itf tournaments it is highly recommended to play in neighboring countries or in your own country because it is costly to travel and play tournaments. The chances are not so high to get points for the beginners in the countries where tennis is strong, there for it is recommended to play in Africa and in some Asian countries where not too many people go.
Yunus jaafar

Forget about points, just play in any tournaments..get some experience, your may not get any point in high level tournament but you'll get the experience playing against better player.. You only deserve point when the time is right.


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