Why so afraid of losing? Once we're afraid of losing matches, definitely we will crack under pressure. The strokes starts to fumble and everything will go awry within a few minutes. Everything goes blank and by the time we realize it the matches already over. Not only we lost the matches but we were being humiliated and its not because we do not know how to play its because we're afraid of loosing.

Its all in the minds. Once we enter the courts, what's the worst things that could happen? we might end up loosing the match 6-0 and nothing worse than that could happen, so why so nervous? When i was playing, and sometimes myself is so nervous i just think of all the worse things that could happen to me loosing 6-0, then i do a reverse physiology on myself, if i already loose 6-0 then even one point is already a win for me. I have nothing to loose but all to gain from this match. All that i had to do was play my best, enjoy the moment to think that i have nothing to loose. Cheers and hope it works to you guys. 

Sometimes I do get under pressure whenever I got broke on my serving games . It hunted me til the end of the match . I can't manage to set my mind to a calm state and eventually I end up losing more matches . Any tips or some piece of advice ? :)


Hi there Kelvin Jawi Jacksonlink, in actual facts there are few ways on how to handle a nervous breakdown during a match. First of all please control your heartbeat by breathing properly, inhale deeply hold your breath and release slowly till you can feel that youre as calm as water.

Secondly - Please breathe properly.do not hold your breath during rally, you need oxygen, less oxygen will make you nervous and muscle stiff. The basic rule of tennis, when you take your racquet back, you inhale. When you want to hit you exhale.

Kelvin, do remember that even a top player got their servis, so why worry so much? Cheers

Kelvin Jawi Jackson

I do agree much on that . Will try it on my next match . Thank you . :)

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