Why so afraid of losing? Once we're afraid of losing matches, definitely we will crack under pressure. The strokes starts to fumble and everything will go awry within a few minutes. Everything goes blank and by the time we realize it the matches already over. Not only we lost the matches but we were being humiliated and its not because we do not know how to play its because we're afraid of loosing.

Its all in the minds. Once we enter the courts, what's the worst things that could happen? we might end up loosing the match 6-0 and nothing worse than that could happen, so why so nervous? When i was playing, and sometimes myself is so nervous i just think of all the worse things that could happen to me loosing 6-0, then i do a reverse physiology on myself, if i already loose 6-0 then even one point is already a win for me. I have nothing to loose but all to gain from this match. All that i had to do was play my best, enjoy the moment to think that i have nothing to loose. Cheers and hope it works to you guys. 

To be top tennis players it take hours and years of practice, it is not how many hours you put in but it also how much effort you put in. If you can put a lot of hours of practice with a lot of effort, then you are doing the right thing to be professional tennis player. Professional tennis players give their 100% effort every time when they are in tennis court. Every tennis players have different types of programs some have to put in extra hours in tennis and others in fitness.

How many hours professionals tennis players play tennis? 
Some professional tennis players play every day minimum of 2 hours but some other professionals play up to 4 hours of tennis per day, usually 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. Almost every professionals rest on Sundays and rest half a day on Saturday, in tennis it is important to rest one day a week to prevent from injury and to be recharged.  For those are playing tennis to be professional tennis player, it is recommended that they play minimum of 4 hours of tennis 

How many hours of fitness do professional tennis players do?
Most of the professional tennis players do daily minimum 1 hour of out door fitness and 1 hour of gym and 1 hour of stretching from Monday to Friday. Most of the top professionals have trainers with them to do all these but for those who are playing tennis to be top professional do it on their own. 

It is important to spend a lot of time in training, to be top professional tennis player, it takes a lot of training with a lot of hard work, but the key to success in tennis is love and enjoying every moment. 

ITF juniors Tournaments is an international tennis tournaments for junior tennis players who are under age of 18. There are many groups in ITF juniors, as for beginners it is recommended to start from group 5 tournaments because in group 5 tournaments the points are lower than higher groups, and because group 5 gives lower points, most of the high ranked tennis players play higher group tournaments. All the player have to register to ipin to be able to play itf tennis tournaments. After the registration to ipin players can start entering to the tournaments, it is recommended to enter to the lower group tournaments to pick up some points. For the players who are just beginning to play itf tournaments it is highly recommended to play in neighboring countries or in your own country because it is costly to travel and play tournaments. The chances are not so high to get points for the beginners in the countries where tennis is strong, there for it is recommended to play in Africa and in some Asian countries where not too many people go.
There are many reason why some people wants to become ATP tennis player. To become ATP tennis player you have to have ATP points, to get your first ATP point is a lot harder than getting your second and third points, but of course with right plans and hard work you can get it. There are few steps needs to be taken to get your firs ATP points. 
STEP 1: Register for ipin at www.itftennis.com.
STEP 2: After you register for ipin you can start registering your self to the Futures, Futures is entry level for ATP tour.
STEP 3: You can enter all the Futures tournaments but since you don't have any points you might not get in to all the tournaments you registered, therefore register to the tournaments that you think it will be easier to get in.
STEP 4: Going to the tournaments, It will take more than one tournament to get your first ATP points therefore try to play as many as you can.